Hector Stiftung II

The Hector Stiftung II was founded in March 2008in Weinheim by Dr. h.c. Hans-Werner Hector and his wife Mrs. Josephine Hector. The Hector Stiftung II is part of consolidated companies that wants to safeguard that their fortune is continuously made part of certain charitable purposes during and after the lifetime of Mr. and Mrs. Hector. The Hector Stiftung II itself is not a nonprofit institution and will assume, apart from fulfilling the purpose of the foundation, after the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Hector the position of the general partner of the fund managing units. The realization of the project funding is executed by its subsidiary, the Hector Stiftung II gemeinnützige GmbH. Funding is provided by the Hector Stiftung II gemeinnützige GmbH according to the statutes of the foundation. Members of the executive board and of the board of trustees are appointed within the consolidated companies simultaneously, so that predetermined goals issued by the Hector Stiftung II can be reached seamlessly.

The Hector Stiftung II is an addition to the H.W. & J. Hector Stiftung zu Weinheim, which was founded in 1995. Its aim is to support all projects for which funding provided by the first Hector Stiftung would not be sufficient. Beyond that The Hector Stiftung II supports goals, projects and tasks that were not intended for by the first foundation.

We provide support for:

  • Mentally and/or physically disabled persons with financial help to existing insitutions, which promote them or by creating and maintaining such institutions
  • Medical research by supporting research projects
  • Highly gifted students, pupils and graduates in the fields of mathematics, engineering and natural sciences with structured programs
  • Social institutions for the advancement of youth welfare, public health and the welfare system with occasional funding
  • The creation of personnel funds for elite universities in order to provide for performance related benefits for teaching and researching staff of mathematical, engineering or natural scientific fields of study

There is no claim for receiving funding. The selection of projects and the extent of funding is subject to the board of trustees and the executive board.

What we do not support:

  • Political parties or splinter groups
  • Radical groups of any kind
  • Sponsorship of professional athletes
  • Individuals

The projects funded by the Hector Stiftung II gemeinnützige GmbH shall mainly have an explicit focus on projects on a national level based in Baden-Wuerttemberg.